Testimonials for Sailing, Yachting and Marine Photographer Onne van der Wal

Here is what others are saying about Onne van der Wal and his work as a sailing, yachting and marine photographer:

Cruising World, July 2004

"A lifelong water rat with the salt of generations of watermen running through his veins, photographer van der Wal brings more to a photo shoot than a bagful of fancy equipment. His deep passion for boats, a profound understanding of what makes them work, and a knack for making images that convey both place him among the leading marine photographers worldwide."

Tim Gregoire in Sailing, June 2004

"Few yachting photographers capture the action, art and adventure of sailing quite like Onne van der Wal."

Life on the Water by Geoffrey B. Engel in Photographic magazine, September 1996

"…One of sailing's most prolific and well-known sailing photographers. From advertising to editorial and travel to stock, Onne is always on the cutting-edge with ideas and subjects that keep the viewer glued to the page… His work has been described as visceral, a word that hearkens directly to the raw energy and excitement of his photography and, to a great degree, his lifestyle."

Lowepro 2002

"Unique. Visceral. Innovative. Those words describe Onne's work. One of the best-known sailing photographers today, Onne has a stellar career shooting for all the top sailing magazines, plus publications like Sports Illustrate, Cosmopolitan, Outside and Travel & Leisure."

John Burnham, Editor, Sailing World

"We regularly choose Onne van der Wal photographs for our covers because Onne combines being a perfectionist – technically one of the world’s best marine photographers - with a sailor’s eye for composition and an artist's eye for color."

Come Sail Away by Jennifer Gidman in Hasselblad Reflections, Fall 2000

"…a marine and travel photographer who parlays his nautical background, eternal wanderlust and penchant for panoramics into a truly unique photographic style that has appeared in a variety of travel, yachting and outdoor publications, ad campaigns, posters and calendars."

Onnessignment by Josh Adams in SAIL, November 2001

"The envy of any 9-to-5er, Onne van der Wal gets paid to travel the world with his cameras and take pictures of sailboats, But truth be told, his work is no cinch. Van der Wal's business is mostly that – a business. Since getting his start with SAIL during the 1981-82 Whitbread, (he) has covered every major sailing race (America’s Cup, Olympics, The Race, Around Alone), produced prolific editorial material, opened a gallery in Newport, Rhode Island, and build a list of advertising clients that makes his competitors drool."

Nautical Nature by Stephanie Gregory in Photo Insider, March/April 2000

"Like his colorful photographs, van der Wal exudes a catching glee in person - a Jimmy Buffett-meets-Ansel Adams sensibility. In his Dutch accent, he speaks with enthusiasm - as if there's nothing else he’d rather be doing other than what he is doing at this very moment."

Here's what people are saying about Onne's workshops and lectures:

Scott Cluett, 2009 & 2010 Workshop on the Water attendee
My past experiences with the workshops I have attended with you have been nothing less than remarkable. Not only is your teaching informative, but more importantly, you are very approachable and understanding. The workshops foster a real learning experience with a very personal touch. Just awesome!
Kevin Joeckel – Workshop on the Water, August 2009

Your organization was impeccable and the instruction was absolutely first class. Onne was a kind and gracious teacher and the use of the computer monitor to display his shots in real-time was a revelation. Anyone from a rough beginner (like me) to a shooting pro would benefit from this workshop. You could charge twice the price and it would still be a bargain.

Rosemarie Marsh, Stony Brook Camera Club, Lecture October 2009

I do hope you remember your visit to Stony Brook Camera Club, you are a legend with us. We are in the process of putting together next years program and we keep talking about you and your photography as our measure of what we want. It was our favorite night last year and we finally had the bright idea to ask if you will come again. While we never ask the same person in consecutive years we are unanimous in our desire to have you back.

If you recall we chose your show that included your travel to the Falkland Islands, Spitsbergen and Kamchatka. It was breathtaking and people still smile talking about it. We did not have you present your NECCC program because our members attended and we thought it wise to avoid a repeat. Now we discover people want to see it; many were not there and the ones who were are anxious to see it again.

Yair Egozy, Boston Camera Club, Lecture October 2009

I wanted to thank you for your presentation yesterday.

Not only you had GREAT images, but you are also a very talented story teller.

When [it was] suggested to invite you, I was a bit concerned: how can you fill the whole evening with photographs of boats, and can we get the enough people to be interested?

Well, as usual, [they were] right. We had a great attendance, and the people enjoyed your presentation very much. You certainly lead a very interesting life!!!

Roy Gordon, President Roswell, GA Photographic Society, Lecture Sept 2009

The members of the Roswell Photographic Society wish to express their appreciation for your outstanding presentation last night. I would have to rank it among the most interesting and professional presentations we have ever had. Your unique photographic eye and your travel experiences around the world make a fascinating story.