August 14, 2020 – Meet in Reykjavik, Iceland
August 15 – 23, 2020 on board Arktika in Kulusuk, Eastern Greenland

Photographing Greenland has been on my bucket list for many years and it finally came to fruition in the summer of 2018 when I spent 2 weeks shooting Greenland by boat. Needless to say I was blown away by the sheer beauty and remoteness of the area and came back with some amazing images. I decided there and then that it was the perfect place to host a 7 day workshop.

After the huge success of our 2019 workshop in Eastern Greenland, we have made arrangements to charter the boat from August 15-23 in the summer of 2020. We will join Artika again, a  65 ft Dutch built, Icelandic based wooden schooner, in Kulusuk, Eastern Greenland to explore and photograph one of the last remote and unspoiled wilderness areas in the world.

We will see massive icebergs and glaciers and hopefully polar bears, arctic fox and several species of birds. The boat will be our “floating Arctic cabin” from which we will base ourselves and go ashore every day to hike, explore and shoot the surrounding area; be it animals, birds, ice, glaciers or magnificent arctic vistas from along the sea shore or from the top of a peak or mountain top. The boat will move a few hours everyday to a new anchorage in order to change our vista and give us new subject matter to shoot.

One of my favorite activities while there in 2018 and 2019 was visiting the small Inuit settlements and learning about the indigenous people of Greenland. We will, again, have the opportunity to meet the locals and hear about their life in this harsh environment – and photograph portraits of the beautiful, unique people.

It is only fair to warn you that this is not a high-end, luxurious cruise ship with thousands of tourists but a basic but comfortable adventure vessel that will enable us to get to these remote locations.

This purpose built Dutch schooner will take a total of 12 people (6 -8 photographers plus myself, as the workshop leader, and my assistant). The boat has a crew of three and provides a top of the line, safe and comfortable adventure experience with the owner as the captain, a naturalist/guide to teach us about the flora and fauna of the environment, and a chef that keeps us all well fed. The guest cabins include two doubles and two four person cabins with two heads and showers. There will be some cabin sharing involved unless one takes an entire cabin (for two or four).

We will spend time photographing the area from on board but mostly ashore or from one of the boats or kayaks. There will be time allotted while on board to download our files, discuss the images and work on improving our shooting skills and post production skills. This will be a true photo workshop with a strong element of instruction and teaching from both “in the field” shooting and post production.

Getting to the boat:

Fly to Iceland’s Keflavik airport (which is a very well served large international airport) and then transfer from Iceland’s Keflavik airport to the domestic smaller airport in downtown Reykjavik (a 45-55 minute bus ride then jump on a 90-minute prop plane flight on to Kulusuk (Greenland) on an Air Iceland, where we will be met by the crew.

The cost of the workshop is $10,950 which includes the transfer from the International airport at Kevlavik, Iceland to the hotel in downtown Reykjavik, a night in the downtown hotel in Reykjavik, the air portion of the trip from Rejkyavik, Iceland, to Kulusuk, Greenland, and the transfer from the airpot in Kulusuk, Greenland to the boat. After the trip the transfer from the boat to the Kulusuk airport and the flight back to downtown Reykjavik is also included. There after you are on your own.

Not included is the gratuity for the boats crew and alcohol you consume while on board.

To reserve your spot for the 2019 Greenland Workshop we would need:

25% down payment of $2,737.50 due upon registration
50% of $5,475 due March 1st
25% of $2,737.50 final payment on June 1st