Photograph the gorgeous classic yachts as they race in Newport Harbor during the IYRS Newport Classic Yacht Regatta on board The Gansett.  

DATE:   Sunday, September 5, 2021

COST:  $695 per workshop

Limited to 15 photographers

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INCLUDES:  A day on the water with Onne limited to 12 photographers to ensure individual instruction (boat holds 49 passengers so there is plenty of room to spread out and shoot). Onne discusses composition and technical camera settings as he shoots and wanders the boat offering help with your own gear.  He will answer all  questions and offer his tips and tricks of the trade!

We will provide a boxed lunch of lobster rolls, chips, an apple and cookie for all attendees (riders included).  The boat will provide water and beer and wine to purchase.  We will hold a raffle and have “Swag Bags” of goodies from our photo sponsors like Think Tank, Manfrotto, Canon, Lexar, Onne’s Gallery and more. We meet at the Gallery at One Bannister’s Wharf a half hour prior to the boat’s departure to have an intro session, go over a few things with Onne and we then walk down to the boat at Bowen’s Wharf together.

ABOUT THE BOAT: “Gansett” is a stable, comfortable boat with cushioned bench seating, a hard top over the bottom deck (shade!) and a top deck which is higher for great shooting perspective. You can also shoot from the bow. Captain Jeff is an excellent captain and with Onne’s guidance, puts us in the best spot for action, good light and great timing. We have a central area on the bottom deck for storage of camera bags (soft bags only – no cases please and NO TRIPODS). Must wear boat friendly shoes and bring jackets and sunscreen.

WHAT TO BRING:  Bring it all! Bring every lens you can fit into your bag and many people also rent a lens that they might not have in their arsenal. We will be close and far from amazing things to shoot. No hard (Pelican type) cases, no tripods, and no flashes needed for the most part. Bring a rag to wipe salt spray off your lenses – it happens – even though the boat is a fairly dry ride! Bring your polarizer if you like and definitely bring a spare CF Card (or three) – you will need them!

ABILITY/ WHO CAN COME:  Anyone with a DSLR or mirrorless camera and a basic understanding of how to use it is welcome. NO point and shoots.  We will allow up to 2 “riders” to come along (spouses, kids over 12, friends) but they cannot shoot. They will have to stay out of the way of everyone with a camera and will have to move around a lot to do so. Onne will not spend any time with them. We understand sometimes it’s hard to leave your spouse ashore when you get to go have all the fun! They will be served the same beverages and their discounted rate is $300.   If you have a disability or mobility issue, you will be comfortable on the lower deck and will have plenty of good shooting from there.

PAYMENT and REFUND POLICY: Payment in full is due at time of registration. ($50 OFF for repeat students!) by check, credit card or cash. You can choose to apply a gift certificate you might have or purchase one for someone for the whole or partial amount. IF you need to cancel – we will refund your deposit if it is at least 30 days prior to the event. If you cancel inside of 30 days we will issue you a CREDIT to use towards another workshop.

WEATHER and CANCELLATION: Each event has a weather day built in on either side of our scheduled trip. We try to use the day AFTER the event but in some cases might choose to go a day prior. We will give as much notice as possible and will be in contact with everyone as the dates approach. Weather days are used when it will be uncomfortable for students to be on the water. High winds, rain and storms will delay our workshop. Clouds and light rain will NOT.  Please plan your schedule accordingly.

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 Onne is very excited to be hosting a three-day workshop on beautiful Nantucket this summer in conjunction with the local Artists Association of Nantucket!

Cost:    $600

Dates:  Tuesday, July 13th, Wednesday, July 14th and Thursday, July 15th.

Time:  Each day:  3:00 – 5:00 p.m. for classroom and 6:00 – 8:00 p,m. for photo sessions

Place:  Meet at the Visual Arts Center, 24 Amelia Drive for classroom instruction.  Photography sessions on the island will be determined each day.

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Do you have a digital camera, love taking pictures but don’t understand f-stops, shutter speed and ISO?  Join Onne’s workshop “Photography 101” and learn the basics.  Onne has been teaching this class for several years to sold out audiences in the Newport area and now is bringing his expertise to Nantucket Onne explains in a clear, concise and humorous way how to use your DSLR by showing examples of photographs, sketches and diagrams.  At the end of the first class, you will go from being a fully automatic (bozo mode) shooter to semi-automatic or manual mode and will be able to understand what that shutterbug jargon really means.

The first class is about basic camera controls.  We will discuss exposure, aperture, ISO and how to set up your camera correctly, the importance of the histogram plus the benefits of shooting in RAW format not JPEG.

The second class is covers workflow and post production.  Onne will demonstrate how to download your files from the camera and organize them in a simple method and how to process the files in Lightroom

The second class encompasses the computer end of digital photography also known as post production.  Onne will explain the two programs he uses to organize and edit his images, Photo Mechanic and Adobe Lightroom.  After the first class, you will know how to set up your camera and shoot great images.  It is then time to learn how to download the images from your camera card on to your computer and how to “tweak” them to your liking.  Firstly, we work in the browser, Photo Mechanic, to download, organize and renumber the images and make sequential folders. The conversion from a raw file to a jpeg takes place in Adobe Lightroom and where the adjustments like color balance, tone, sharpness crop and are made.

Every click of Onne’s post production workflow is clearly explained during the class and illustrated via a PowerPoint presentation.  You can follow along with a downloadable PDF which enables you to follow along during the class and to refer to later.  Once registered for the class, you will receive a link to the PDF’s of both class #1 and #2.   Please download both Photo Mechanic and Adobe Lightroom before class – both programs have 30-day trial versions.

The third class will include a critique of the students’ work and cover any questions regarding composition, camera, or workflow.

After each class, we will have a one-hour break, then the students and Onne will head out to a specific location on the island to capture the magic evening light and have to opportunity to practice what you’ve learned and create real masterpieces!

Onne will shoot along with you and discuss his process as he photographs.  He will give each student individual attention and answer your camera setting and composition questions. Onne will offer help with your camera gear and will also lend his own Canon bodies and Canon RF lenses for you to try.  If you are in the market for a new camera and/or lens Onne can let you know what the affordable options are.  He will answer all questions and offer his tips and tricks of the trade!

This class is aimed at anyone who wants to learn the basics of digital photography or the advanced amateur that wants to polish up on his/her photo skills and get to the next level with their photography.  This is not an iPhone or point and shoot photo class.


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