DATES FOR SUMMER 2021 TO BE SCHEDULED SOON! COST:  $695 per workshop Limited to 12 photographers INCLUDES:  A day on the water with Onne limited to 12 photographers to ensure individual instruction (boat holds 49 passengers so there is plenty of room to spread out and shoot). Onne discusses composition and technical camera settings as he shoots and wanders the boat offering help with your own gear.  He will answer all  questions and offer his tips and tricks of the trade! Normally lunch is included, but this year we are going to ask that you bring your own.  We will provide water and beer and wine to purchase.  We will hold a raffle and have “Swag Bags” of goodies from our photo sponsors like Think Tank, Manfrotto, Canon, Lexar, Onne’s Gallery and more. We meet at the Gallery at One Bannister’s Wharf a half hour prior to the boat’s departure to have an intro session, go over a few things with Onne and we then walk down to the boat at Bowen’s Wharf together. ABOUT THE BOAT: “Gansett” is a stable, comfortable boat with cushioned bench seating, a hard top over the bottom deck (shade!) and a top deck which is higher for great shooting perspective. You can also shoot from the bow. Captain Jeff is an excellent captain and with Onne’s guidance, puts us in the best spot for action, good light and great timing. We have a central area on the bottom deck for storage of camera bags (soft bags only – no cases please and NO TRIPODS). Must wear boat friendly shoes and bring jackets and sunscreen. WHAT TO BRING:  Bring it all! Bring every lens you can fit into your bag and many people also rent a lens that they might not have in their arsenal. We will be close and far from amazing things to shoot. No hard (Pelican type) cases, no tripods, and no flashes needed for the most part. Bring a rag to wipe salt spray off your lenses – it happens – even though the boat is a fairly dry ride! Bring your polarizer if you like and definitely bring a spare CF Card (or three) – you will need them! ABILITY/ WHO CAN COME:  Anyone with a DSLR or mirrorless camera and a basic understanding of how to use it is welcome. NO point and shoots.  We will allow up to 2 “riders” to come along (spouses, kids over 12, friends) but they cannot shoot. They will have to stay out of the way of everyone with a camera and will have to move around a lot to do so. Onne will not spend any time with them. We understand sometimes it’s hard to leave your spouse ashore when you get to go have all the fun! They will be served the same beverages and their discounted rate is $300.   If you have a disability or mobility issue, you will be comfortable on the lower deck and will have plenty of good shooting from there. PAYMENT and REFUND POLICY: Payment in full is due at time of registration. ($50 OFF for repeat students!) by check, credit card or cash. You can choose to apply a gift certificate you might have or purchase one for someone for the whole or partial amount. IF you need to cancel – we will refund your deposit if it is at least 30 days prior to the event. If you cancel inside of 30 days we will issue you a CREDIT to use towards another workshop. WEATHER and CANCELLATION: Each event has a weather day built in on either side of our scheduled trip. We try to use the day AFTER the event but in some cases might choose to go a day prior. We will give as much notice as possible and will be in contact with everyone as the dates approach. Weather days are used when it will be uncomfortable for students to be on the water. High winds, rain and storms will delay our workshop. Clouds and light rain will NOT.  Please plan your schedule accordingly.


One on One with Onne Master Workshop  On the Water:  Spend one on one time with Onne shooting Newport and Narragansett Bay at a specific event or regatta or just shooting the local beauty.  Onne has a 25' RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) that is stable, dry and comfortable. A price of $1,200 includes a three-hour session with Onne on the water and one hour of computer time learning workflow.  Onne can trailer a boat to a location of your choice (price dependant upon location).  A second photographer can be added for the same 3 hour period for $1,750 total. From the Air: Shoot from a helicopter for an hour with just you, Onne and the pilot. Afterwards, come back to Onne's office and learn how to import, convert and manage your images. A price of $1,500 (for one or two people) includes one hour in the helicopter shooting with Onne and one hour of computer time learning workflow. You will have the chance to use Onne's lenses if you shoot with Canon bodies. Date and availability subject to Onne's schedule and weather. To reserve your space or inquire, contact us at or 401-846-9552.


  WAITING FOR CONFIRMATION DUE TO COVID Monday, August 16, 2021 - Meet in Reykjavik, Iceland Tuesday, August 17 - Tuesday, August 24, 2020 on board Arktika in Kulusuk, Eastern Greenland COST:  $10,950 (includes one night hotel in Reykjavik and airfare from Reykjavik to Kulusuk, Greenland) Photographing Greenland has been on my bucket list for many years and it finally came to fruition in the summer of 2018 when I spent 2 weeks shooting Greenland by boat. Needless to say I was blown away by the sheer beauty and remoteness of the area and came back with some amazing images. I decided there and then that it was the perfect place to host a 7 day workshop. After the huge success of our 2019 workshop in Eastern Greenland, we have made arrangements to charter the boat from August 18-25 in the summer of 2020. We will join Artika again, a  65 ft Dutch built, Icelandic based wooden schooner, in Kulusuk, Eastern Greenland to explore and photograph one of the last remote and unspoiled wilderness areas in the world. We will see massive icebergs and glaciers and hopefully polar bears, arctic fox and several species of birds. The boat will be our “floating Arctic cabin” from which we will base ourselves and go ashore every day to hike, explore and shoot the surrounding area; be it animals, birds, ice, glaciers or magnificent arctic vistas from along the sea shore or from the top of a peak or mountain top. The boat will move a few hours everyday to a new anchorage in order to change our vista and give us new subject matter to shoot. One of my favorite activities while there in 2018 and 2019 was visiting the small Inuit settlements and learning about the indigenous people of Greenland. We will, again, have the opportunity to meet the locals and hear about their life in this harsh environment - and photograph portraits of the beautiful, unique people. It is only fair to warn you that this is not a high-end, luxurious cruise ship with thousands of tourists but a basic but comfortable adventure vessel that will enable us to get to these remote locations. This purpose built Dutch schooner will take a total of 10- 12 people (6 -8 photographers plus myself, as the workshop leader, and my assistant). The boat has a crew of three and provides a top of the line, safe and comfortable adventure experience with the owner as the captain, a naturalist/guide to teach us about the flora and fauna of the environment, and a chef that keeps us all well fed. The guest cabins include two doubles and two four person cabins with two heads and showers. There will be some cabin sharing involved unless one takes an entire cabin (for two or four). We will spend time photographing the area from on board but mostly ashore or from one of the boats or kayaks. There will be time allotted while on board to download our files, discuss the images and work on improving our shooting skills and post production skills. This will be a true photo workshop with a strong element of instruction and teaching from both “in the field” shooting and post production. Getting to the boat: Fly to Iceland’s Keflavik airport (which is a very well served large international airport) and then transfer from Iceland’s Keflavik airport to the domestic smaller airport in downtown Reykjavik (a 45-55 minute bus ride then jump on a 90-minute prop plane flight on to Kulusuk (Greenland) on an Air Iceland, where we will be met by the crew. The cost of the workshop is $10,950 which includes the transfer from the International airport at Kevlavik, Iceland to the hotel in downtown Reykjavik, a night in the downtown hotel in Reykjavik, the air portion of the trip from Rejkyavik, Iceland, to Kulusuk, Greenland, and the transfer from the airport in Kulusuk, Greenland to the boat. After the trip the transfer from the boat to the Kulusuk airport and the flight back to downtown Reykjavik is also included. There after you are on your own. Not included is the gratuity for the boats crew and alcohol you consume while on board. Price includes a 20" x 30" matte aluminum dye sublimation print of one of your own favorite images from the trip printed by Blazing Editions in East Greenwich, RI. Once we get the green light from the owners of Arktika, to reserve your spot for the 2021 Greenland Workshop we would need: 25% down payment of $2,737.50 due upon registration 50% of $5,475 due March 1st 25% of $2,737.50 final payment on June 1st Testimonials from Last Year’s Arktika Workshop: Margot: Thank all of you for a wonderful trip. It was really fantastic on every level. Great boat - it was beautiful and very comfortable.  Wonderful captain and crew-they were so hospitable and made us feel so welcome in every way. Also, they were so competent and wonderful company.  Great flexibility in being able to do the things we wanted to. I loved that we went sailing, were able to have the boat sail in front of various icebergs, go kayaking etc. Julian: 10/10 for a magnificently enjoyable holiday!!  I cannot emphasize enough what an incredibly special trip that was, and how much I appreciate everything Tenley and Onne did for us all to ensure it was so good.  Of course, Siggy, Ola & Lauri were brilliant. Sam: It was our immense pleasure to join Onne and Tenley on the 2019 trip to East Greenland on the Arktika.  Both my wife Soitza and I were amazed, impressed, and awestruck by the beauty and grandeur of Greenland and its people.  The Arktika was the perfect platform for this adventure, warm and comfortable, and the crew was wonderful.  From start to finish one of the high points of my life. Chase: Being on Siggi’s sailboat is like sailing with Family:  If you can imagine your Uncle as an experienced Captain in Northern waters, and you have two nice pleasant brothers who double as crew members and excellent cooks.  Onne’s discovery of this outstanding ship and crew is one of his best expeditions ever - and I’ve been cruising with him for more than a decade.  The glaciers you’ll see and be able to photograph are awesome.  Unique as our experiences together were, I can pay this entire memory no greater compliment than this thought - which amazes me to state it - I’m thinking of doing it again!