PHOTOGRAPHY 101 with Onne van der Wal at the Jamestown Art Center

Two sessions: (TO BE ANNOUNCED)
7:00 – 9:00 PM

Cost:  $95 for one session or $175 for both

Come and join Onne as he explains in a clear, concise and humorous way how to use your DSLR. He will discuss and show examples both on the big screen and in his popular little Photography Reference Guide (included in the photo class fee). 

Stop using the P or Auto (Bozo) mode on your camera and start using ALL the settings that the real pros use to create stunning imagery. 

YOU need to be in control of your camera not the camera in charge of you! It’s not rocket science! Once you discover what all the dials do, you will realize that’s its actually quite easy to be the master of your DSLR camera! 

The first class is about basic camera controls, We will discuss exposure, aperture, ISO and how to set up your camera correctly, the importance of the histogram plus the benefits of shooting in RAW format not JPEG.

The second class is about workflow and post production. How to download your files from the camera and organize them in a simple method and how to process the files in Lightroom.

Onne will use his laptop and projector to illustrate and explain it all. All you need to bring is a note pad and pencil and your DSLR, if you have one. If you are in the market for a new camera and/or lens we can let you know what the affordable options are. 

This class is aimed at anyone who wants to learn the basics of digital photography or the advanced amateur that wants to polish up on his/her photo skills and get to the next level with their photography. This is not an iPhone or Point and Shoot photo class.

Although Onne is a Canon Explorer of Light and is sponsored by Canon, this class is open to photographers with any brand of camera.